Sono Recording Group (SRG) was founded by entrepreneur Claude Villani whose strong commitment to the future of contemporary music led him to make a deal with Spotify streaming services, which eventually led to a global alliance with the ILS Group. ILS restructured, and Claude Villani became partner and head of A&R, with Dominique Zgarka retaining his role as partner and head of distribution. This partnership has transformed the ILS Group with a new direction in foresting and developing talent. Together, Claude and Dominique are resetting the way artists and labels distribute and market music.

Sono Recording Group (SRG) is a full service label dedicated to breaking new artists and expanding existing artists’ and producers’ reach beyond the traditional. SRG, with its distribution deal with ILS, provides worldwide distribution through Universal Music Group, EMI Music Europe & Caroline / EMI USA. Along with preferred placement on iTunes and other steaming and film services, SRG’s marketing approach is centered around social media, collaboration, and interactive services.