Kenny Cash

kcashKenny Cash of the Factory Underground Studio is one of the most versatile and artistic producer-musicians you’re going to come across.

Leading the way in Hip Hop, EDM, Alternative, Rock, Soul, Gospel, and Classical–there is little ground left un- broken by Kenny Cash. Very few producers can boast of Cash’s multitalented reputation: he is known as a beat master in the Hip Hop world, a remix extraordinaire in the EDM genre, and has a Billboard charting classical album in the same year that his rock-EDM remix is being considered as the theme song by the U.S. Olympic team.

It should come as no surprise that Kenny Cash was granted a scholarship to the world-famed Berklee College of Music, where he mastered the electric bass, acoustic and electric guitar,and learned to play the drums, keyboards, and clarinet. Also no surprise–that his advanced studio skills are purely self-taught.

In 2009, Cash opened the Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT, alongside business partner Ethan Isaac. “The Factory,” a state of the art recording facility, is where Kenny Cash was finally able to center his artistry. The Factory’s cool NY vibe, professionalism, and talent pool quickly began to draw in artists from all over the Northeast and beyond. And through all of this, Cash’s own creative output has thrived.

Inspired by his first protégé, a young MC known as Lighta, Kenny Cash started his own label called Handsome Money Music in order to cul- tivate other emerging talent. His label offers production, digital distri- bution, and licensing opportunities to artists in a variety of genres. In 2013, Cash signed a deal with Hitcher Music, an international licensing company that represents such artists as Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Coheed and Cambria, and Blur to bring further opportunity for him and his young talent.

Cash has produced and collaborated with a wide variety of artists. He has worked with award-winning mix engineer Ron St. Germain, heavy metal/EDM artist Sid Wilson of Slipknot, and alternative rock group Edisun. He has earned his stripes in the Hip Hop world by producing for Fred the Godson, Cory Gunz, Capadonna, and Babs Bunny (Making the Band), and earned praise from Hip Hop legend KRS-One. Other Cash clients have included SRG/Spotify, MTV, SONY, and Universal.

Being an instrumentalist and producer puts Cash in the unique position to work with both artists and producers and lend his multifaceted input to these musical encounters. Whether laying instruments to a track for commer- cials, producing, composing for websites, making Hip Hop beats, or performing live, Kenny Cash always adds an original and musical essence to whatever the creative task calls for.

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